Smart Car Mount

This is a smart vehicle bracket loaded with advanced sensors. When the mobile phone and other terminals are put into the bracket, it can automatically clamp the terminal. When the user touches the mobile phone from the side of the support with his hand, it can automatically release the mobile phone, and the user can fully realize the single-hand operation, which enhances the user experience and improves the safety of operating the support while driving.

At the same time, this support also supports 15W wireless charging, which can provide wireless charging for samsung S7, S7edge, S8, S8edge, S9, iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus, iPhone X and other mobile phones supporting Qi protocol.  

Input: DC12V, DC9V, DC5V

          12V/1.67A;9V/1.67A ;5V/2A;

Wireless output: 15W,10W,5W

                           9V/1.67A;9V/1.12A ;5V/1A;


Over voltage protection;

Input over-current protection;

Foreign body protection(FOD);

Short-Circuit Protection

efficiency: 15W@10W  75%    

                 5V1A   67%



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